Friday, April 19, 2002

Afghan Deaths Stir Debate on Canada's Role (

Thanks to the friendly fire deaths of 4 Canadians in Afghanistan, we now know the answer to a question most of us never thought of asking:

"How many Canadians died in Vietnam?"

The answer - 78

Canadian troops fought alongside American and other allied forces in the 1950-53 Korean War and suffered 516 deaths. Seventy-eight Canadians died fighting under the U.S. military in Vietnam. The country's forces have since taken part in numerous peacekeeping operations and occasional combat operations, such as the 1999 Kosovo war, in which they ustained no deaths.
The Volokh Brothers

Friday, April 19, 2002

[Eugene Volokh, 12:46 AM]
CONSERVATIVES UNDERMINING MARRIAGE? Jonathan Rauch, whom I admire greatly, argues that conservative opposition to gay marriage is undermining marriage, rather than strengthening it. I'm not an expert on marriage and social norms, so I can't be sure, but I think he's quite likely correct:

Those who worry about the example gays would ing should be much more worried about the example gays are already setting by not marrying. . . . At a time when marriage needs all the support and participation it can get, homosexuals are pleading to move beyond cohabitation. We want the licenses, the vows, the rings, the honeymoons, the anniversaries, the benefits, and, yes, the responsibilities and the routines. And who is telling us to just shack up instead? Self-styled friends of matrimony. Someday conservatives will look back and wonder why they [destroyed?] marriage in an effort to keep homosexuals out.

It seems to me that Trads are not encouraging lewd cohabitation by homosexuals but rather a choice of either celibacy or going Straight (the Anne Heche option).

I've never observed a Trad advocating lewd cohabitation. I've observed them doing it but not advocating it.