Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Republicans with Gay Children

David Boaz on Dick and Mary:

"Dick Cheney is not the only leading conservative with a gay child, though he is certainly the most prominent. The disconnection between their personal relationships and their political stance must be taking a toll on some of them."
Andrew Sullivan on Dick and Mary:
"And yet, at the same time he heads a party that would strip his daughter and her girlfriend of all legal rights."
Suppose that a libertarian anarchist has a child who takes a job with the IRS. Is there any requirement in libertarian theory that he remain close to or distant from this child? Is there any requirement in libertarian theory that he change his views on the morality of taxation because of the choice made by his child? If a child becomes a Democract, does that require his parents to start voting for Democrats?

I didn't think so.

What's so hard to understand? One is not required to change one's views because of something one's child does.

I would also guess that Mary and Heather retain a few legal rights. The Supremes said they can fornicate and lewdly cohabit. They can vote, hold public office, make contracts, etc. You can't shoot them without justificaion.

Don't credit anyone who claims someone has been deprived of all legal rights. We've never practiced outlawry.

Note the same overblown rhetoric in immigration discussions. Illegal aliens retain plenty of rights in America.