Friday, October 18, 2002 - Economic woes just aren't giving Democrats an edge

But with less than three weeks to go before Election Day, Democrats haven't seen signs of the rebound they expected for their congressional candidates from voters anxious about their jobs or dismayed by their sinking 401(k) investments. Instead, Republican leaders are increasingly confident that the GOP will defy history, maintaining control of the House of Representatives and limiting any losses in the Senate.

One problem. The economy hasn't been in recession (defined as 2 consective quarters of declining economic activity) yet.
US official clashes with lawmakers on offshore tax havens

"The American people pay their taxes. People who work on Main Street, run businesses on Main Street, pay their taxes. And frankly, it disgusts me to see corporations decide in their board room that they'd like to renounce their US citizenship so they can avoid paying taxes. My feeling is that if they would like to be citizens of Bermuda, perhaps they ought to rely on the Bermuda navy to protect their assets."

Actually Bermuda and Bermudians whether Natural or Legal, are protected by two navies (US & Royal) so they are even better off than we are. [Though I guess NATO means we are all protected by the entire naval assets of the Alliance.] Osama's navy beware!

Thursday, October 17, 2002


At the heart of the state's budget structure is one stubborn fact: Tennessee is one of nine states that doesn't have an income tax,

Though there's a legislative special session scheduled for November which may enact one.

Can you name the states without a "general tax on wage income"?

New Hampshire
South Dakota