Monday, April 23, 2007

Private Schools

I'm not a big fan of school choice for tax morality and state control reasons.

Schools are a real problem though.

Slave schools are set at zero cost -- out-of-pocket. That was not too much of a problem when private schools were cheap. Low cost differential.

But even with low inflation (and with the labor/goods cost ratio skewing in favor of labor school inflation has been high), private schools end up costing the vast amounts of money (over time) since slave schools remain artificially fixed at zero price.

Home schooling, family coop schooling, and Lancasterian schools can help control private educational costs.

Children working with their parents (for money) over the nets can reduce costs as well and change the economics of child rearing.

Obviously, the income foregone by the parent-teacher will continue to be the major cost. Educational materials are freely available for the cost of a high-speed net connection.

Alternative ed will continue to be helped by the piss poor performance (and the political, moral, and social atmosphere ) of slave schools.  Sending one's child to an institution specializing in child abuse will not be economically justified even at zero cost.

Why Homeschooling & Christian Schools

Students attend the few conservative schools extant for a number of reasons. Just as blacks would eschew attendance at schools run by the KKK (if they could gain admittance); conservatives loathe commie schools.

I'm looking for a Montessori school for my grandson. In the course of the search the obvious occurred to me. New Jersey has thousands of pre, primary, secondary, and tertiary schools and almost all of them are run by hard core lefties.

The administrators and teachers believe in such things as high taxes, taxes, affirmative action, welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, collectivization of schools, etc. Not to mention all the politically correct garbage.

No wonder home schooling is also very popular.

I would guess that if lefties faced a situation in which all schools were controlled by conservatives, they'd reject government monopoly schooling as well.