Friday, August 29, 2003

Separation of Church and Times?

Good news for Christians -- He lives!

Today's New York Times confirms the Historicity of Jesus on the front page no less (registration required):

Jerusalem Holy Site a Tense Crossroads Again


...Known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, the holy site had been closed to non-Muslims since September 2000, when Ariel Sharon, then a candidate for the post of prime minister he now holds, paid a visit there in the company of hundreds of armed policemen.

That visit, and the riots that ensued, provided what Palestinians consider the provocation and Israelis consider the pretext for the Palestinians' uprising, the Aksa Intifada. It is named after the mosque on the 35-acre plaza, which is framed by imposing stone walls built by Herod the Great in the decades before Jesus walked there....

Fox Searchlight Pictures: Thirteen

So tell me. Does a photo of two young ladies showing their tounge studs
encourage movie patronage? I'm sure that their great dedication to
performing fellatio on men (to the extent of body modification) would be
interesting in a clinical setting; but would it in an entertainment setting?

Religious Numerology

Has anyone noticed that the Alabama Ten Commandments monument weighs the
same number in pounds as there are feet in a mile -- 5,280 in both
cases. Does this mean anything?