Thursday, May 29, 2003

Sins of Freedom

Is there no limit to the crimes for which globalisation must be held to account? Not only does it oppress the consumers of the rich West, undermine the welfare state, emasculate democracy, despoil the environment, and entrench poverty in the third world; we knew all that already. In addition, we now find, it is a utopian scheme for global ideological conquest—like Stalinism, minus the compassion. Truly, the idea that people should be left free to trade with each other in peace must be the most wicked and dangerous doctrine ever devised.
--The Case for Globalization from the Leader to the Economist's Survey of Globalization published September 29, 2001.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Religious vs Secular Expression in Schools

Religious vs Secular Expression in Schools
[Eugene Volokh, 8:50 AM]
O'REILLY FACTOR: If all goes as planned -- and in the news biz, it's impossible to predict -- I should be the O'Reilly Factor today, defending the Fourth Circuit's decision holding that the Virginia Military Institute supper prayer violated the Establishment Clause.

Saw Eugene's performance and it was good in spite of difficulties getting O'Reilly to understand the difference between official and unofficial prayer. I'll have to read the case because I wondered how they handled the age question. I thought prayer restrictions only applied in secondary and primary schools and not tertiary schools (college). After all Congress is allowed to do it.

I also thought I'd take the opportunity to complain once again about the jurisprudence of the issue. The courts in these case are saying that official prayers are banned but anything else goes. This means that state schools are perfectly free to have their students sing Internationale, the Horst Wessel Song, the Earth Scout's Induction Oath to Mother Earth, etc. So government schools are free to form Hitler Youth brigades but can't say so much as "2003 A.D." This doesn't seem to make a great deal of sense.

Not that I think anyone should send their kids to government schools so it's a moot point.

Vast Sunni Conspiracy

You can learn something from (or while) watching cable tv.

Two weekends ago, I was watching an interview with a foreign policy wonk from Brookings on Fox News. He mentioned the problems the Iranians were having with Taliban refugees hiding out with the Baluchs in north-eastern Iran. They were hiding out there because they were all Sunnis.

It then hit me -- our true Islamic foes are all Sunnis. The Taliban, Osama, The Saudis, various Egyptians, and Saddamm, are all Sunni. So maybe we should form a strange alliance with our Shiite friends against the Sunnis.

A Dip in the Manperson Pool

Many years ago during the flowering of the Women's Movement, a notice of some sort was posted on my law school bulletin board.

I forget what it was about but it contained a fascinating word construct -- manperson pool.

I'm assuming that the author meant to create the word personpower, instead, to avoid the sexist horrors of the word manpower.

Failure was no doubt caused by lack of contemplation. A common failure of the coiners of new words (other than words like technoptimist, of course).

Monday, May 26, 2003

Important anniversary today!

Many will fail to remember that today is the second anniversary of George Bush's replacement of Bill Clinton at the Arlington Tomb of the Unkowns wreath-laying ceremony after eight horrific years of having to watch him.