Tuesday, May 10, 2005

100 Best Government High Schools

Why does Newsweek insist in calling it the 100 Best High Schools in America when it's actually the 100 Best Government High Schools in America and so pretty damn low on the totem pole (domestically or internationally).

Monday, May 09, 2005

Grip of an Ideology

Andrew Sullivan writes:
IN THE GRIP OF A "THEOCRACY"? Pace Glenn Reynolds, I don't think and have never said that we're in the grip of a "theocracy." We live in a constitutional democracy. Iranians live in a theocracy, and I am aware of the difference. But one element of our politics - one that happens to have a veto on Republican social policy - does hold that religion should dictate politics, and that opposition to a certain politics is tantamount to anti-religious bigotry.
Course right-wing nuts didn't strike first. The Kulturkampf was started by the Left in the '50s (or before). Progressive Ed, Teen Cult, Pop Cult, MultiCult, Porn, Violence, Earth Worship, ReEducation, SelfCriticism, TeachersUnionEd, etc.

If philosophy can dictate politics, isn't theology just another part of philosophy? What's the diff? If someone can use Das Kapital or Jacques Derrida to decide on appropriate social policies, how can he complain when someone uses other books?