Thursday, July 24, 2003

Government Services

As an inveterate reader of the popular press, I understand that many
people approach public institutions and request services. I find this
hard to believe.

I approach public institutions rarely and resent most of those few
contacts which are forced in some fashion.

I suppose the Post Office is the only public institution I regularly

Every four years, I apply for a driver's license (whether I need one or

Every year I register my vehicles (whether they need it or not).

When I cross international borders, I chat with La Migra and Customs.

Every 10 years I renew my passport.

I drive on "public streets and roads" when that it the only way to get

I consciously avoid seeking out the services of peace officers, fire
fighters, and public hospitals.

I would no more send my child to a government school than I would mail
that child to California via Parcel Post.

That's about it.

So why do others feel the need to approach government with their begging
bowls out? I don't get it.


The Book

The Movie

The PBS Documentary

The Race (Seabiscuit vs War Admiral in Real Audio)

The Story of Seabiscuit, 1949 (starring Shirley Temple)

New Legal Argument

Since the Supremes have spoken on the topic of Sodomy, they have birthed a brand new legal argument.

In future conflicts over public policy, whether practical or theoretical, anyone who cares to will be able to say:

Well the Supremes have elevated [insert Anglo-Saxon phrase for anal intercourse here] to the status of a Constitutional right; so how can you possibly tell me that I can't do X?

Very convenient! The opposition will have to argue that X is more worthy of regulation than [insert Anglo-Saxon phrase for anal intercourse here]. Public interactions will become livlier.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Preview of The Order

Saw a preview of The Order last night.  Usual Vatican-centered conspiracy of rogue priests seeking world domination plot.  Behind the disguise of good hides the soul of evil.  Seen it all before.  I've got a hot plot idea for Hollywood.  How about a conspiracy  of Marxists to achieve world domination under the guise of helping the downtrodden.  Seems unlikely but stranger things have happened.

At that the preview was better than the feature The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  Never see a film "based on the graphic novel by ...".  And when even the hoity toity Hollywood Reporter observes that the League "includes no gentlemen and one questionable lady" you know you've got trouble.

I don't like SF or Fantasy sans logic, plot, and respect for just a few physical laws.