Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Would You Educate Your Children Privately?

Not a question that most people ask directly.  But  over the decades, we've gotten that question indirectly through comments to our children and grandchildren and some veiled remarks to us.

Why would you outsource the mental, moral, and spiritual development of your children to the government?  Are they well-equipped to provide those services?

  • The curriculum of government schools is lousy.
  • The pedagogy of government schools is junk.
  • The institutional culture of government schools is unfortunate.  Administration is top heavy, impersonal, and bureaucratic.
  • The social culture of government schools is lousy.   Pop Cult, badly dressed, foul mouthed.
  • The political culture of government schools is hard-core left wing.
  • Families and their children attending government schools will find themselves subject to much greater government tracking and regulation than non-affiliated families with children.  Your child is much more likely to be arrested if he attends government schools and you are much more likely to have a child protective services case opened against you than if your child doesn't attend government schools.

I was schooled privately from age 3 through age 24 (preschool through law school).  No government schools, no government money, no government loans.  This was back when homeschooling was still a crime so I went to organized schools.  Luckily, this was also before federal loans drastically increased the cost of college making it hard to buy on the market.