Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Spray & Pray

In the very exciting New Jersey section of the Sunday New York Times, the article Go to the Mattresses (No, It's Not a Mob War), contributed to the Times' reputation for not knowing much about weapons.

The article is about multi-player, multi-day e-gaming tournaments conducted over LANs. The error occurs in this quoted exchange:
If the office IT guys ever threw a rave, it would probably look something like this.
"Warlord, where are you? Get out of there."
"I'm almost out of health."
"Dad, did you like the way I killed you?"
"My health's, like, really gone."
"Spray and prey, spray and prey. Beautiful."
"Well, I'm dead."
Obviously, the phrase: "Spray and prey, spray and prey" should have read "Spray and pray, spray and pray" which refers to a technique for shooting automatic weapons in which a shooter cuts loose in a wildly uncontrolled fashion and prays that he'll hit something. This is in contrast to aimed fire.


Spray and pray = 12,900 hits

Spray and prey = 1,450 hits

I checked with the author and he admitted the mistake but it hasn't been changed yet.