Friday, November 01, 2002

How to be an illegal alien in the US without having violated the law to achieve that status.

There are at least two ways that I can think of to achieve official "Illegal Alien" status without having broken any law. [There may be more.]

1. You are three years old and your parents carry you into the US without having secured appropriate permissions to do so. You grow up in the US but you are an illegal alien. Since you performed no legally cognizable act to enter the US, you are guilty of no crime. See, for example...

2. You enter the US on a valid tourist visa with the firm intent of enjoying a two-week vacation here. After arriving in the US, you decide to make this country your home and you overstay your visa. You entered legally and only later (as soon as you changed your mind) did your stay become "illegal" -- but no law was broken.

In both cases, you would be subject to a civil action of deportation but no criminal charges would be sustained.

BTW, almost all Federal actions against illegal immigrants are Civil rather than Criminal.
Did you know that it may well be legitimate to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons -- no matter what your ethical beliefs?


Because this is a serial list and not a single item. And it's a serial list which has expanded over time. It started with gays and grew from there. Some users add additional items such as "questioning" or "sexual minorities" to the list. No authority has promised that the list is fixed and will not grow in the future.

What would happen if some deviate added celibates to the list at some future date. Anti-celibates who had promised not to discriminate against list members would be stuck.

So -- until the list stabilizes -- take care!