Thursday, December 02, 2004

Celebrity Bastard Baby Update

Important notes on the Celebrity Bastard Baby front.

[The term Celebrity Bastard Baby (CBB) was invented by Michael Medved to refer to the get of unmarried celebs in PopCult.]

In a rare Hollywood event, Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder produced twins who were not only born within a lawful marriage but were (even rarer) actually conceived within a lawful marriage.

This blessed event, and a great article in the Washington Post on unfortunate celebrity baby names, led me to wonder who was the first CBB?

Now we're not talking about the bastard children of ordinary civilians or the famous bastards of the past. Before one can have a CBB, one has to have celebrities (in the modern sense) which means one has to have mass PopCult to produce them. So we have to have movies, radio, TV, etc. We also need a "moral retrenchment" that encourages the famous to produce bastards. Both of these requirements mean that we have to seek the first CBB after WWII.

The answer turns out to be an easy one (for those mature enough to remember the incident) , but the first Celebrity Bastard Baby wasn't one baby, they were twins. Here they are today (with their older sister Pia and younger brother Roberto).

Mom was, of course, Ingrid Bergman.